Benefits of body-worn camera May lead the police to better transparency and accountability. Thus the legitimacy of law enforcement can be improved. A video or real-time video captured during a conversation with the community at the crime scene can help resolve the case. Trust between civilians and police officers may increase. What happened in the presence of the police can be independently confirmed. Complaints about the behavior of police officers can be verified by recording conversations with residents. Both officers and citizens can be more controlled. Responsibility towards the people and the police increases. The footage is extremely valuable in finding out what happened at the scene for evidence. Video recorded by body-wear cameras on false accusations can help protect civilians as well as police officers from false accusations of misconduct and punishment. Quality Good quality audio and video – a must-have system. Must be able to capture video as well as tape conversations in any case. The body camera requires wide- angle video capture. Battery backup – To make a long video without interruption, there should be a backup of 6 to 8 hours. Real-time video – Physical cameras should have the ability to transfer real-time video to cloud storage for transparency. Most modern models use H.265 and MPEG-4 encoding or compression. H.265 is the new standard with improved compression. Which really helps in compressing the video file size. The compression method maintains high video quality. Could shoot very clearly at night. Resolution settings – Must be able to record various resolution settings in low or high definition, such as 480, 720, or 1080.

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