Wireless Transmitter Receiver

The set of Transmitters & Receivers enables you to wirelessly transmit any
Audio/video signals over a distance. Connect any type of CCTV/Surveillance
Camera to the transmitter and view the contents a remote TV/Laptop without
The need of wires depending on the distance, we offer a variety of transmitter-
Receiver sets along with Battery Packs for portable/menpack cameras.Ideal for any AV source like DVD /CD
player, set top box, projector,etc to wirelessly transmit AV signals to a remote receiver/display etc
Simply connect the AV source to the transmitter, which transmits the AV signal to the receiver unit. The receiver
than connects to the display/recording system , thus avoiding cabling, loose wires etc
Depending upon the distance to be transitted, we have different m odels ranging from 100 mtr to upto 5 km
transmission distance

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