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GPS L1 signal repeater, through the receiving antenna, locking the sky satellite signal, the filter, amplification, forwarded to link, the outdoor antenna to receive effective real-time GPS signal into indoor, through indoor Omni-directional antenna signal launch, can make the signal within the coverage of the repeater equipment to receive GPS signals, the real-time positioning, and other functions. The problem of indoor cannot receive GPS signals


1. Repeater achieve maximum functionality set by R&D, simple operation, easy installation, compact, simple wiring equipment.

2. Each receiver can receive GPS signals, without a GPS signal cable guide to the each GPS receiver, solving the receiver must be placed outside the red tape and improve efficiency.

3. For there is no limit to the number of GPS receivers, system maintenance-free.

4. After the repeater launch a large coverage area, a single antenna can cover 10 m in diameter.

5. Can provide the most appropriate for different demands the most economical solution.

Range of application:

Apply to all obstacles blocking or cover the GPS signals of buildings. Such as GPS laboratory, classroom, tunnels, logistics, greenhouses, GPS receiver test GPS products production line, the GPS mobile phone production line, the GPS laboratory, scientific research institutions, such as the need to test the GPS products, product performance verification, and other applications.

Covering various occasions: aviation manufacturing, aviation maintenance, laboratory, building a parking lot, GPS, indoor, attendees, etc.

Major components:

1. Outdoor GPS receiving antenna 25 m coaxial cable components with N – male to SMA – male: 1 pcs

2. Cable types (option): LMR400 0.2dB/meter

RG580.2dB /meter

3. GPS signal transmitting antenna:

1 pcs

4. GPS signal repeater host:

1 pcs

5. GPS RF signal wiring:




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