VCap Video Capture Adapter

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MINE VCap2860 video capture card is a type of USB port capture equipment, is used for
capture a static impageand constant dynamic images, and is applicable to a desktop and
laptop. The availabe analogy image source is a input equipment with composite video and
compatible analog signals, such as VCR, VCD, cam and LDetc. light and handy appearance.
The produce is applicable to a desktop and a laptop, used for the capture and editing of a
dynamic video, the capture and editing of a static image, video email, network video
conference,chatting with friends in internet, visual phone with far family£¬ real time video
capture for a field site, etc.

Product Information:

* With USB2.0 outlet, external design, it need to install software.
* Support internal USB2.0 port of the notebook PC.
* Support NTSC/PAL Systems
* Portable Small Capture Device
* USB2.0 High Speed Interface
* FULL DL high resolution: PAL352*288, 640*480, 720*576.
* It can catch static and dynamic pictures.
* Support WINDOWS2000/XP.
* With children-locked function.
* site£º103mm x 60mm x 19mm


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